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Memmert Water and Oil Bath Units | For maximum functional security and decisive advantages in convenience and ease of operation. By professionals made or professionals. There are water bath and oil bath from Memmert for specific use in laboratories, these model or series have high quality material and easy to use, they are so user friendly.

Memmert Water And Oil Bath Models.

The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes. In addition to the Basic class for standard temperature control tasks, the Excellent version provides precise test procedures with a maximum of safety: electronic overtemperature control and a wide range of visual and acoustic signals; for example if the filling level is too low, for overtemperature, but also for input acknowledgement or to signalise the end of the programme. In the largest model, an optional circulation pump provides an even better thermal uniformity of the water.

Memmert water and oil bath units

A water bath is a device that maintains water at a constant temperature. It is used in the microbiological laboratory for incubations

 Memmert Water And Oil Bath Product Units :

For Water Bath there are WNB, WNE, WNP Series, for Oil Bath there are ONE Series. A water bath is a device that maintains water at a constant temperature. It is used in the microbiological laboratory for incubations.

At the beginning of the lab period, you should check the water bath to see if it is turned on, set at the right temperature, and filled with water. Water baths should be filled with distilled water. If you are using the water bath for an experiment you should check the temperature frequently to make sure that the water bath is maintaining the proper temperature.

An oil bath, a type of heated bath, is a laboratory heating device which uses boiling oil as the temperature regulator. Since different oils have different boiling points it is possible to obtain a temperature near to the desired temperature by selecting an oil with a boiling point as close as possible to the desired temperature.

An oil bath is essentially a container of oil heated by a hot plate, open flame or other heat source. The most common oils that are being utilized in oil baths are paraffin, glycerol, silicon oil or cottonseed oil due to their quite odorless characteristics.

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