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Tools For Woodworking | Just as every skill requires certain tools for the job, a number of woodworking tools are an absolute must if you want to be a carpenter. Although there are power tools which perform a wide variety of tasks, hand tools are the invaluable possessions of a woodworker. Once you have the essential hand tools for your trade, you can begin to acquire power tools which make many jobs a lot easier.

Tools For Woodworking For Your Projects.

In the following paragraphs you will learn about 8 essential hand tools, then 7 essential power tools, all of which help to define a woodworker.  Without the following tools, it would simply not be possible to be a woodworker.

Tools for woodworking

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Essential list of tools for woodworking projects for any carpenter.

Most carpenters working in the field might keep all of these things in a work belt, while working in shop does not require that.

  1. Hammer: A claw hammer is perhaps the most instrumental of a woodworker’s hand tools. Consisting of a head for driving nails and a claw for providing leverage, you won’t get very far without one.
  2. Squares: This is a tool that lets you make a straight line or an angled line no greater than 45 degrees. They come in several sizes, but a relatively small, 6 inch variety works best.
  3. Level: You’ll need one of these tools to let you know a surface is completely flat or straight up and down.
  4. Chisel Set: Several different sized chisels should be readily available. Chisels are necessary for removing wood from joints and also for splitting wood, albeit roughly.
  5. Bevel: Like a square, it can make angled marks for cutting wood. Unlike squares, it can be adjusted to make a line at any angle.
  6. Tape Measure: This is a woodworker’s right-hand man. A tape measure is as invaluable as anything in a tool belt.
  7. Utility Knife: This tool is used to make quick, razor sharp cuts or for just making a mark. Keep a supply of extra blades for when they wear out.
  8. Nail Set: This is a small tool that gets placed on the head of a nail to sink it beneath the surface of the wood. You would be surprised how often you need this.
  9. Power Drill: You should always have a screwdriver selection in your tool box, but a power drill gets the job done fast. In addition to driving screws of all types, it can be fitted with drill bits to make holes.
  10. Circular Saw: Much faster than a handsaw, a circular saw is too heavy to tote around on a tool belt, but you’ll use it everyday.
  11. Miter Saw: Another handy power saw is a miter saw, used to make perfectly angled cuts for trim, molding or anything else up to a certain size.
  12. Router: Essential to shaping the edges of wood for any number of projects, a router is a convenient, variable speed tool that see a lot of use.
  13. Table Saw: For cutting or ripping big sheets of plywood or other materials that are too sizable to handle with a circular saw, a table saw is required. They are best in the shop, but portable models are available.
  14. Jigsaw: One last saw that is essential is a jigsaw that makes narrow, precise cuts. This is the tool to use to make tight curved cuts.
  15. Power Sander: Sanding wood by hand is still necessary much of the time, but having a power sander makes the job go a lot faster.

As you increase your skill set as a woodworker, you will undoubtedly find a need for additional and more specialized tools. To get you started, though, these 15 tools are essential for any woodworker starting out.

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